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    What´s the best time to come to Whistler? How long does the season last?

    We specialize in winter trips. The mountain opens from late November to mid-May. However, Whistler Wander operates from December 1st to mid- April to guarantee best experience. Before December 1st, we are testing the terrain so that we can take you to the best spots later, as every year it changes. In addition, the snow is still coming and is not fully consolidated, so there are parts of the resort that are still closed.

    The first two weeks of December are the most economical and everything is already beautiful. We highly recommend these dates for beginners on a tighter budget. For people with more experience we do not recommend to come before December 15th as probably they may find part of the terrain still closed.

    From December 18th onwards the prices start to rise and they reach the highest for the Christmas season. Christmas in Whistler is absolutely stunning. However, you have to be very patient because it is also the most crowded. That is why it is very necessary to start organizing the trip well in advance with professional´s help so that the experience is the best. We recommend you to start planning your trip from April.

    After Christmas, it is a very good time to come because the resort is much emptier, the snow is already consolidated with all the lifts open, and the prices go down a lot. It is the ideal time for those who do not want to queue for everything. In general, the whole month of January is like this. In February it gets busier again, specially from the second week since it there is a very big Holiday in the US (President’s Week). At this time the prices shoot up again and stabilize again from the first week of March.

    March is also a very good month and in the last few years we have had the most snow! The whole month is good and the amount of people is moderate until Easter, which is when it fills up again.

    In April we have also been getting a lot more snow in the last few years and it is a good time to come. Around the middle of the month, Whistler Mountain closes and we stop operating. We don’t recommend coming when only Blackcomb mountain is open as the experience is not the same.


    If you are hesitating between two dates and want to compare prices, we will be happy to give you a quote to help you decide. In Whistler each night has a different price, so we will only need to know the exact dates of your trip to be able to send you all the information without any commitment. We will send you options of all types and budgets for you to consider everything.

    As for the temperatures, it is very difficult to predict what will happen every year. But in general, the coldest months are usually December, January and February. In March and April we usually have less cold days. However, each year may be different.

    These videos show the difference of how the Village looks in pure winter versus spring weather: 

    This is how the Village looks in pure winter: Watch IG video 

    And this would be spring: Watch IG video

    But the most important thing is that, no matter the dates, the fun un guaranteed!: Watch IG video


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